George Clements

Song Blog


This is my first tumblr post- at least with this account.  I had a page a while ago but it got a bit too narcissistic.  Anyways, I’ve had the idea of having a “song blog” for a while now.  I love songs and spend most of my days learning other people’s songs and thinking about how to write great songs of my own.  So, I figured having some sort of digital outlet could help me organize my thoughts and share some of my all time favorites.  The way I foresee this going is as follows:

1.  Record a song- either video or audio…haven’t decided yet.

2.  Write a brief analysis of the song: form, lyrics, melody, harmony, etc.

3.  Write my own song inspired by these discoveries

My goal is to do a song per week.   We’ll see how this goes.